Bobcat Softball Team

Thank you to the young women of the Bobcat softball team, who sent a generous donation to 10,000 Girls!

Bobcats 10,000 Girls

The team is composed of young women ages 14-18 and is located in Northern New Jersey.

Christina, Danielle,  Olivia , Taylor.jpg

In this photo Christina, Danielle, Olivia, & Taylor display 10,000 Girls body-art. Their coach, John Guy, encouraged them to spread the word about 10,000 Girls to friends, family and members of the community. The Bobcat’s team members then asked people to pledge a contribution for every run they scored in their final tournament.

Mal, Jill, danielle, taylor.jpg

The team — including Mal, Jill, Danielle & Taylor (above) — scored an impressive 12 runs that weekend (and won 1 of 4 games). In just 1 week  they raised over $3,300 for  10,000 Girls!

Congratulations on your inspiring win, and Thank You for your generous contribution!