Passionate about girls education and empowerment? Interested in volunteering in Africa? Want to change the world? ………. then Volunteering at 10,000 Girls is for you!

Volunteering with 10,000 Girls in Senegal is a truly life-changing experience. High-school students, college students, adults and beyond are invited to work with us at our program locations.

Summer Drawing Workshop

Volunteers have worked on projects such as: working on the Book Mobile; organizing/participating in our Democracy Camp; teaching programs about the arts, sports, film, technology, science; building parts of the Environmental Learning Center in Segou; …and much much more!

Spending Time with Program Participants


Although we do not provide financial support for travel costs, we do have host families that will accommodate volunteers working with us. We ask volunteers to pay a nominal weekly fee for food and lodging – more details about this arrangement will be provide upon request.


Interested in volunteering? Contact our US Coordinator, Samantha Marquart, at sam@10000girls.org