10,000 Girls provides after school enrichment programming in order to maintain girls in school.

The after school program is run everyday in every locality. 10,000 Girls supports dedicated and qualified teachers, who volunteer to tutor the girls in subjects such as French, Math, Geography, History, and others. The teachers assist the girls in developing techniques that will augment their ability to pass their exams.

The after school program gives the girls the means to succeed by providing them with a place to study, a time to study, and books and other basic school supplies. 10,000 Girls organizes annual distributions of notebooks, pens, paper and other essentials.

The Environmental Learning Center our newest initiative

Teaching girls about environmental awareness and sustainable agriculture techniques

The Book Mobile is a crucial part of the education program. Each month, books are transported to rural villages and small towns, and checked out of this traveling library truck by local children.

book mobile 3

Hundreds of children in each locality get access to something as simple as a book. Through this program, children can improve their literacy in French, Arabic, English and some local languages such as Wolof, Pulaar, and Serer.