Environmental Learning Center


The Environmental Learning Center, also referred to as the Kedougou Initiative, is 10,000Girls newest project. Initiated by the girls after viewing the film An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, the program focuses on environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

The center is currently under construction outside of the village of Segou, approximately 12 hours away from the Dakar. The Environmental Learning Center, or ELC, is divided into two segments – a Welcome Center and Main Campus. The whole property encompasses 25 acres, a donation from the Segou Rural Council. Their gift of land ensures the future educational opportunities of girls in rural Senegal.

The ELC will provide our program participants with a venue for learning environmental responsibility. Girls will have the opportunity to attend programming for several weeks at a time to learn about the following topics:

  • Sustainable Agriculture techniques
  • Recycling
  • Food preservation and transformation
  • Meteorology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • …and more!

Girls will take the skills they acquire during this program to their villages to improve their quality of life.

The ELC will be completely self-sustaining. Fruit trees, vegetable fields, animal areas, and other farm locations will provide all food necessary for the participants and volunteers. The building of the ELC will not harm the environment in any way – buildings and fields will be constructed/planted within the trees. We strive to make the ELC a model of environmental education – giving back to the environment with every project we begin!

Construction of the Environmental Learning Center's Welcome Center

Current Construction:

The Welcome Center, currently under construction, comprises the first 5 acres of the property. Here, visitors from all over the world will be able to stay while volunteering at the ELC. Accommodations will have running water and electricity. The facility will also have two kitchens, a traditional restaurant-style kitchen and an outdoor, African kitchen. A reception area/multi-purpose hall will provide the activity space volunteers need to plan programming and rest.

The Campus of the ELC, located on the additional 20 acres, will comprise a traditional American camp-style facility for our program participants. Buildings such as a large activity center, computer laboratory, office, six workshop areas, indoor and outdoor kitchens, security outposts, and lodging accommodations will be under construction starting January 2011.

Collaboration between Kaolack-Segou Partipants to Make Films About the Environmental Learning Center

For more information and project opportunities – email our US Coordinator, Sam Marquart, at sam@10000girls.org